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(Y3) Yngling Sailing
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Thursday: 17:00-21:00
Start date
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26.00 DKK

Rules for the waiting list
you pay 26.00 DKK to be on the waiting list, there may be no more than 1 on the waiting list for TEAM Yngling Sailing ( Y3 ) .

If a vacancy occurs, we will send an email to person no. 1 on the waiting list to let the person know the spot is empty, no. 1 then has 120 hours to enroll in the team, if this does not happen, an email is sent to to no. 2 on the waiting list etc... after 120 hours, the space is open to everyone..

Your spot on the waiting list will disappear, if you do decline the offered vacancy 2 times.

The money is non-refundable.

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