Welcome to DTU Sailing!

DTU Sailing is a social sailing club for engineering students at Technical University of Denmark (DTU). DTU Sailing is located at Skovshoved Harbour approximately 15 minutes away from DTU by bike.
Everyone can join DTU Sailing no matter their sailing skills. We have beginner courses, weekly training just for fun and a racing team.

The boats

4 Laser dinghies
1 J80 keelboat
1 X-79  keelboat


There are two different membership types, depending on whether you are a student at DTU or not. In order to join a team, apart from the membership you need to pay a team fee of 500,- pr. team. Passive members do not have access to the boats or teams but are still part of the sailing union. In the table below, you can see the prices with and without team fees.

Experienced skippers who are willing to instruct a team once a week have 100% discount on their membership fees.

Membership type With team fee Without team fee
DTU students 1750,- 1250,-
DTU staff, alumnis and non-DTU students 2450,- 1950,-
Passive -


Contact/sign up

DTU Sailing opens for new members in the spring of each season by a first come first serve basis. We currently are full for the 2022 season.

Also, check out the social stuff at our Facebook page  and our Facebook group.

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